Building Bridges

BTG works hard to support less experienced and skilled organisations reach their potential in achieving their goals. By listening to the needs of our charities, we identify the most suitable partners for them from the business world to meet those needs. This can include financial help, volunteers, materials and humanitarian aid or services such as financial or legal.

As advocates of sustainability and transparency, Bridging The Gap does not take any fee or commission for the gaps but we do depend on the generosity of external donors in order for us to continue our activity. In donating to the ‘Building Bridges’ project, your donation will go towards connecting more charity organisations with the resources that they need. 

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5,030 RON

Evenimente fundraising

In beneficiul: Building Bridges

Eurasia Marathon is the result of hope and enthusiastic expectations for athletics. At the beginning, the main intention was simply to organise a mar

1,425 RON



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In beneficiul: Building Bridges

The Bucharest International Half Marathon is one of the most looked forward to events in the Romanian sports calendar and Bridging The Gap is extremel

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Pagini fundraising

Bridging the Gap over the Bosphorus!

We are a group of runners based in Chisinau, Moldova, but from New Zealand and the USA and we will be running the 15k at this year's Eurasia Marathon

2,000 RON Target
1,425 RON Suma
10 Donatii
71.25% Complete

Vikki and Kathy Clocking the Kilometres for Bridging The Gap

We (Vikki Quaglia and Kathy Locke) are running a quarter marathon (10.548km), to raise funds for Bridging the Gap (BTG). BTG is a new Romanian Charity

2,000 RON Target
2,150 RON Suma
16 Donatii
100% Complete

Running for Romania

We are a group of runners who are undertaking our first challenge as a team at the Bucharest Half Marathon on May 18th. We have chosen to support the

4,000 RON Target
1,455 RON Suma
9 Donatii
36.375% Complete